Professor Louie's Rock and Blues Accordion

Now even beginners can strap on a squeezebox and start rockin''! This exciting course is not just for accordion novices, though. Experienced keyboard players will also want to stretch out into the rich sounds this ever-popular instrument provides. Professor Louie starts at the top, teaching you how to put the accordion on and hold it correctly. He then shows, through detailed drills and exercises, how the buttons are used to play the bass lines, scales and chords for accompanying a keyboard melody. Before long, you''ll be vamping on 12-bar progressions, riffing with right hand pentatonic blues scales, playing chord inversions and improvising blues and rock songs. You''ll learn the shuffle rhythm, the “Fats Domino rock ''n'' roll stroll" and other great grooves, along with the bellows shake, wobble and other special accordion techniques.

piano accordion lesson video
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