You Can Teach Yourself Accordion

Pick up your accordion and open this book! Everything you wanted to know about the accordion and beyond. Total variety music. All the learning tools are included. Learning eighth notes, alternative the bass notes, introduction to the 7th chords, sixteenth notes, eighth rest, 6/8 time, dotted eighths and sixteenths, counter-bass notes and much more! Many many tunes to build a versatile repituour. Songs include: The Bells of St. Marys, Children’s Song, Govotte, Amazing Grace, Lullaby, The God of Abraham Praise, Andante, Jambalaya, Ja-da, Chinatown, Fascination, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, El Caballo Bayo. Includes over 40 songs.

You Can Teach Yourself Accordion. Beginner piano accordion instruction course
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