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 Whether you are just starting to play accordion or you are a seasoned pro, we have a huge selection of the finest accordions and accordion accessories available.  That's why we call it Accordion Heaven. 


We are conveniently located 907 Randolph Avenue, St.Paul, MN 55102.  651-224-6943

Huge Selection of Quality New and Used Accordions

We buy and sell the best accordion brands on the market:  Titano, Hohner, Crucianelli, PanCordion, Futura, Excelsior, Excelsiola, Sonola, Planet, Morbidoni, Giuletti, Gabbanelli, Iorio, Stagi, Giustozzi, Soprani, Scandalli, DaVinci, Baldoni, Petosa, Elkavox, Del-Col, Pan Italia, Weltmeister, Piatanesi, United, International and many others.  On any given day, we typically have more than 100 new and reconditioned accordions in stock.  Each accordion is tested by our experts for quality, precision and performance.  Every accordion comes with a case, new straps, one year warranty and a high performance guarantee.

Planet Squeezebox - The Ultimate Accordion Brand

Since 1983, Ken Mahler has been importing high grade accordions directly from Italy.  In 1996, a new premier brand "Planet Squeezebox" was born.  Developed by Ken Mahler himself, this treasure quickly took it's place among the greatest accordions ever built.  The success of this accordion product line resulted in a variety of new accordion models and custom designed features with your preferences in mind.

Accordion Song Books, Lesson Books and Instruction Videos

We carry a wide selection of song, lesson and instruction books for every genre.  You'll find it all right here!  Lessons on DVD for piano accordions, button accordions and concertinas.  We offer our own Accordion Classroom series performed and produced by Ken Mahler himself based on the Palmer Hughes standard accordion courses.  The beginners video entitled, "Accordion Classroom - Getting Started" is 9 months worth of lessons and covers Book 1 of the Palmer Hughes series.  We also offer "Accordion Classroom - Bass Techniques", "Mastering the Basses (both designed for piano players just starting to learn the accordion)"; "Advanced Beginner" (Books 2 and 3); "Intermediate" (Books 4 & 5); "Advanced - Level 1" (Book 6); and "Advanced Level 2" (Book 7) videos.

The Accordion Experts

We have expertly repaired hundreds of piano and button accordions since 1983.  Call us for more information.

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Our secure site uses a secure socket layer and strong encryption.  If you prefer, you can order by phone.  We can be reached at 651-224-6943.  Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.